Support for systems may not be an obvious task up front. However, as you deploy and develop new systems, your users (other developers) will inevitably encounter problems. What do you do when you encounter these problems?

An easy solution is to ask people to ping your in your chat channel - "Hey just @me in the #dev-tooling channel!" - but I think you'll quickly discover that this model is unsustainable. The number of users you have in comparison to the number of people on the tooling team is likely to be very different. It's just not possible to support everyone, especially when an onboarding cohort comes in with a ton of questions. Not only this, but you'll find that users are often asking the same questions over and over again.

To solve this, I suggest some sort of system that allows users to ask questions publicly and in turn, help themselves. Something like a Discourse instance allows users to post new threads, and for you or others to respond to the threads. A great feature is the "suggested" thread as a user creates a new one "Maybe one of these solves your issue?". Just be introducing this and suggesting it, I've found that users are more than happy to do a quick search in this tool, and often help themselves. They are even more willing when you explain what a positive effect this can have - as it saves you time going over the question again and again - leaving you open to make good tooling and it help their colleagues in the future. This is a multiplicity effect, which helps a lot here. This will be discussed more in the Forums page.

To make a proper support system work, however, you need to be committed. Users will go the path of least resistance. If you're willing to answer over a private message, or in a chat channel, then that is where they will ask. You need to be committed to sending all questions to the support mechanism - just make sure you answer them quickly! It will also help if you set some time each week to prune and cleanup the category, as well as have an automated message when people join a channel pointing them to your support system. I've also seen success in matching on a sentence ending with ? and automatically sending a message to the user about the support system.

I also recommend creating a good Internal API Docs and Handbooks system, where you document the system, decisions about the system (developers wanna know, they are opinionated!), and other topics people may find useful. This would also be a good spot to publish a roadmap.